Specialised Securities

Many of our clients have secured their loans using securities that are regarded as unconventional by lenders. These include vacant land, flood affected property, service stations, parking lots, and even more exotic assets. Some lenders can be avoidant of these security types because of a lack of knowledge or procedure. However, we know lenders that realise the opportunity in each of these securities, and will be happy to give you a loan with favourable terms.

One of the main reasons to utilise our brokerage is to ensure that you are consulting the right lenders. We have long-running connections with numerous lenders, and we know which of these lenders looks favourably upon each specialised security. Hence it is especially important that you consult our service when you are proffering specialised securities.

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Why Use Northwest?

  • Low Documentation loans up to $30 million on a single security

  • Bridging Loans settled within 24 hours

  • Capital Raisings

  • Construction loans with no pre-sale requirements

  • Same day approvals

  • Low Documentation Rural Loans to 70%

  • Our 92% strike rate

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