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If you are looking to add a new location, expand on your current one or build a brand new business, we provide the fastest and most effective funding in the market. Our innovations in the construction and development finance sector have allowed us to provide the quickest turnaround in the business. We also have no application fees and a 92% strike rate.

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Why Choose Northwest?

92% Strike Rate

Many businesses in our industry can take weeks to check for approval of your finance only to turnaround and say no. At Northwest Commercial we pride ourselves on being able to approve financing within 72 hours and in many cases within the day. When you couple that with our formidable strike rate of 92% on funding over the last 15 years, you can see there’s no better place to seek a commercial loan than Northwest Commercial. To put it more simply you have a 92% chance of getting your commercial loan within 72 hours if you contact us now.

  • Low Documentation loans up to $30 million on a single security

  • Bridging Loans settled within 24 hours

  • Capital Raisings

  • Construction loans with no pre-sale requirements

  • Same day approvals

  • Low Documentation Rural Loans to 70%

  • Our 92% strike rate

Who Are Northwest Commercial?

Northwest was founded in 2002 to provide funding for an array of commercial projects that the Australian banking system wasn’t supporting. From there we have grown to have offices in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne and are close to completing our quest of being Australia’s preferred commercial lender. We have been driven by our desire to innovate in the commercial finance sector and we attribute our success to that innovation. We are currently the market leader in Construction loans, Development loans, Rural loans and Capital Raisings across the country.

At Northwest Commercial we pride ourselves on being able to find a solution within days, whether it’s to fix a $50,000 cashflow problem or helping a client find $50,000,000 to build a new resort. With over $1 billion in management and an exceptional team of personable professionals, no request is too big or small for us.

Our Types of Funding


We have an array of equity partners looking for suitable construction and development products to invest in. If you are seeking an equity partner all you have to do is ask us who we can connect you with.

Rural Loans

We have a dedicated fund that specialises in rural loans. Our rural fund isn’t interested in anything but rural finance and we are able to provide 1st or 2nd mortgages up to 70% of the property value.

Specialised Securities

We have a specialised fund which is perfect vehicle for financing harder to approve securities.

Investment & Venture Capital

If you’re looking to expand, buy-out a company or start something new and need extra financial muscle just give us a call. We have a history of success providing from $1 million to $30 million in funding to Australian businesses.

Capital Raising

We hold an ASIC exemption which allows us to raise up to $4 million without issuing a formal prospectus. With this capability we easily offer companies the ability to raise capital for new ventures, retire debt, make acquistions or expand.

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If you have plans or dreams of a strong business future and good returns then we are your commercial lender of choice. If you need fast finance, immediate cashflow or a long-term loan then we are your best option. If you are sick of having to constantly justify your margins and yearly returns to your financier or if your loans are causing you a headache and distracting you from doing real work then Northwest Commerical is for you. For any commercial loan enquiry simply contact us on 1800 228 328 or fill out our quick form.

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