NorthWest has grown to become one of the most successful Commercial Funders in Australia. Established in 2002, NorthWest now provides it services to all States & Territories in Australia.

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Commercial Finance Case Studies

Following are examples you will find of our experience dealing with unique finance situations. From these examples you will get a better understanding of why we call ourselves 'Commercial Finance Innovators' and make the complicated seem easy.

Case Study Scenarios

Start up finance to purchase a 1956 Bi plane for $140,000, operator had no tourism experience.

Start up finance to purchase Tug Boat for $350,000 and provide $200k in refit finance.

Provide $2,000,000 in equity and $12,000,000 in 1st mortgage finance for a development, Borrower had no financial contribution.

Start up finance $400,000 for mining equipment.

Provide $3.5M at 80% LVR on luxury property, funds provided within 4 days of application.

$4,000,000 2nd mortgage funding.

Following are some comments from our clients.

Testimonials from some of our clients

Attention: David Carter
North West Commercial
Brisbane Office

To whom it may concern,
After spending months trying on my own to get finance for a residential development and having little success, I came into contact with Northwest Commercial. Within days of our first meeting they presented me with a funding solution. Having Northwest Commercial’s experience and understanding of project costing made the difference.

Best Regards,
Mark Chapman
Chapman Holdings Australia Pty Ltd

Hi David
Very seldom in this business do you meet a funder who knows what his client really needs. After spending months searching for a funder who actually understood what I was trying to achieve, it was refreshing to deal with Northwest Commercial, a company who not only understood the complexities of project finance, but could deliver an outcome which more than met my requirements. I would like to thank you and your team for your successful funding of my project and look forward to future dealings with you.

David Thomas